About Torquepower

About Torquepower

Torque Power Diesel (Australia) Pty Ltd (Trading as Torquepower)
is a longstanding specialist diesel parts and service company based in Brisbane, Australia.

After supporting the owners and operators of Cummins-powered equipment right across Australia and the South Pacific, with parts and service for over 40 years, we really understand your needs, and we have adopted the following standards ;

Torquepower’s heavy-duty markets include road transport, mining, marine, industrial, construction and agriculture with key clients in Australia and throughout the wider South Pacific.  Our product focus exclusively on Cummins diesel engine platforms.

Torquepower today……

Torquepower employs around 20 staff, with each member of the management team having extensive Cummins experience. Torquepower is a family-owned business, with many valuable and long term staff members, together having hundreds of years of combined Cummins expertise. Torquepower support is available 24/7, and you can visit us online at any time. In addition to a huge selection of Cummins parts, you will find other resources like wiring diagrams, manuals, parts information and product images – and more.

At Torquepower, we like to give you More: – More Parts, More Service and More Support –  and we specialise in holding stock of the exact part YOU want. With now more than 170,000 individual parts available, it is likely that you will get what you want, when you want it – and not have to wait on back-orders and stock-orders.

Torquepower independently holds the largest alternative inventory of genuine parts to suit Cummins engines right across Australia and the South Pacific region. You will find the most experienced and friendly parts interpreters in the business. We believe that time is money and our goal is to get you back on the road, water, construction site, mine or farm – sooner !

You will never get the big-business-run-around at Torquepower

Genuine or quality alternative spare parts for Cummins engines are not the only products that you can purchase here. You will also see a wide range of other industry leading brand names such as Donaldson, Bosch, Purosil, Rev 1 Oils, Holset,  Racor, Dayco, Valvoline, Horton and Fleetguard.

Torquepower treats all of it’s business relationships personally. We have a genuine interest in your business and we actually like it when you call and visit us! We are down to earth professionals, and after over 45 years in the business, we really do know what we are doing. 

When you have a problem, you will never get the big-business-run-around. Torquepower will provide you with a decisive response to your immediate concerns, and we will keep your downtime to an absolute minimum.

Whether your Cummins engine application powers a truck,  boat, water pump, excavator,  fire pump, mining engine or emergency  generator – you will enjoy great service support from a very friendly independent team.

A Strong History 

Torquepower was founded in August, 1978 – initially to support the interests of independent heavy transport owner operators whose market presence was not big enough to always guarantee necessary attention from the equipment manufacturers themselves.

The early business model included an Authorised Cummins Sales & Service Dealership. Thirty years later, a bold decision was taken to relinquish that connection, thereby enabling Torquepower the increased flexibility and capacity that the successful business required to better meet its customer service and support goals.

The immediate result was an upsurge in business activity over multiple Cummins product-dense market sectors. 

Largest independent inventory of parts to suit Cummins engines

As  evidence of its strong product focus, it is a fact that Torquepower   independently holds the largest alternative source of genuine Cummins spare parts in Australia. 

Torquepower’s spare parts product expertise attracts clients from all heavy-duty Cummins diesel market sectors and meets the needs of clients across Australia and into the Pacific Rim.

This website is unique in our industry

The Torquepower business is not limited to physical activity. Cummins engine spare parts can also be purchased directly via this fully integrated website. The proprietary site offers services that are unique in the industry. Anyone can access the Torquepower Online Store where parts can be identified in several ways including by referencing the Cummins Part Number or the part’s Type and its Application and Function within the engine.

See https://shopping.torquepower.com/about 


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