Lennie & Ginger Mick – Australian courage, hard work and the value of a dream.

“There’s something about facing adversity that really brings a people around* “       

(*Bernie Wheatley, Musician )


It is 1932 and John Bradfield is spanning the Sydney Harbour, there is economic depression, unemployment is at 32%,and Australians are learning to be frugal;  stretching the family budget with casseroles and soups; and in Leongatha in outback Victoria an amazing little bloke called Lennie Gwyther has taken over ploughing the family’s 24 fields after Dad ,‘ Captain’ Leo,  breaks a leg.  Young Lennie is fascinated with the engineering and construction of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, and as a reward he is invited to the opening.

The Sydney Harbour Bridge is famously held together by six million Australian-made hand-driven rivets, the last being driven through the deck on 21 January 1932. The rivets were heated red-hot and inserted into the plates. The arch is composed of two 28-panel arch trusses arch and has a span of 504 m and its summit is 134 m above sea level ( expansion of the steel structure on hot days can increase the height of the arch by 18 cm!) The bridge building coincided with the construction of a system of underground railways in Sydney’s CBD, known today as the City Circle, and the total weight of the steelwork of the bridge, including the arch and approach spans, is 52,800 tonnes.  The bridge was regarded as a triumph over Depression times, earning the nickname “the Iron Lung”, as it kept many Depression-era workers employed.

Today we may think twice about allowing a 9 year old child to ride their bike to the shops. To consider a solo horseback journey by a nine-year old boy accompanied by his horse, Ginger Mick, foaled on exactly the same day as Lennie was born , of 1,000-kilometres to watch the opening of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, carrying nothing but his PJs, spare clothes, a toothbrush and a water bottle is amazing, and Australians were captivated by the story. On the journey Lennie was set upon by “vagabonds, crossed a bush fire, and met the Prime Minister. He arrived in Martin Place, accompanied by 25 police, and 10,000 cheering Sydney-siders. He and Ginger Mick, participated in the Royal Easter Show and paraded across the Sydney Harbour bridge in its opening. He rode an elephant at Taronga Zoo , met Don Bradman and brought home a signed crocket bat.

After his marvellous adventure, he rode home with a letter from the Mayor of Sydney and one Australian Pound, and returned to work on the farm.  At 19, he enlisted in the Army, and was awarded the Military Cross and bar in 1916 and 1917. Later,  Lennie commenced work as an engineer with General Motors’ Holden at Fisherman’s Bend, Victoria. He built a house for his mother, and had a lathe in the shed and he was always turning wood or making tools or tables.

Apart from being the youngest known person to make a solo equestrian journey of this magnitude, why does Lenny’s story affect us so greatly? He was a small boy, a hard worker with a love of construction and of adventure. At a time when the nation was struggling economically, his family took a risk, depending on the kindness of strangers along his journey.  It reminds us of Australian courage, hard work and the value of a dream.

Our dream was not as captivating, or as daring, but at a time when we felt smaller Cummins operators weren’t being looked after as well as they should be, we formed Torquepower. We worked 24 hours a day some days, 7 days each week frequently; to establish a company that was always there to help keep your operation going. It’s only a tiny bit of Australian history, but we are motivated by the stories of Lennie and Ginger Mick, and all the other Australians who do us proud in difficult times.

Genuine Cummins Marine Engine SPECIALS

Cummins is a leader in the Marine engine market with products ranging from 3.9 litre to 95 litre and duty cycles from commercial full-time propulsion such as ships, ferries and fishing vessels – to recreational and sailboats. Torquepower is your FIRST CHOICE for Genuine Cummins engines and parts.

Call TORQUEPOWER to discuss our keen July specials and your new Marine Cummins engine requirement. We also carry a full range of support parts for your Cummins operation. 0732778277 | info@torquepower.com

.July Specials

Spec NumberDescriptionRetail Price Advertised Sell Price Incl GST
57031.01NT855-M – 300HP@1800  $                    40,654.00 $ 35,133.30
57032.02NTA855-M – 350HP@1800 T2 $                    47,350.00 $ 40,921
57033.02NTA855-M – 4000HP@1800 T2 $                    51,563.00   $ 44,640
67037.01KTA19-M – 500HP@1800 $                    82,446.00   $ 71,250
67038.01KTA19-M – 425HP@1800 $                    74,581.00 $64,452.14           

Inclusions NT Product

NTA855-M – 400HP@1800 T2

Starter Motor 24V Insulated Ground
Alternator 24V 100 AMP
Front Engine Supports
Flywheel Housing SAE #1
Flywheel to suit 14″ Clutch
Dry Exhaust Elbow 5″
Cummins Marine Grey
Belt Guard
IMO Tier 1 Certificate & IMO Tier 2 Certificate

Inclusions K T Product

KTA19-M – 500HP@1800

Starter Motor 24V Insulated Ground
Alternator 24V 100 AMP
Front Engine Supports
Flywheel Housing SAE #0
Flywheel to suit 14″ Clutch
Dry Exhaust Elbow 6″
Cummins Marine Grey
Belt Guard
IMO Tier 1 Certificate

Warranty Coverage

Engine Features

COVID-19 Response

As the uncertainties of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) continue to evolve, we would like to share with you some of the key actions that Torquepower management is taking to ensure our staff remain safe, and that we maintain reliable and safe services for our customers.

By taking early and decisive steps to prepare for the projected spread of COVID-19, we are confident that we are doing our part to help minimise the impact and disruption to our customers.

Our Senior Management Team is monitoring the developing situation daily and will ensure our response is timely and proportionate to the level of spread and its likely impact on the business, our people and our customers.

The steps we have taken so far include:
• Formalising our General Manager as our Coronavirus Response Coordinator who will report directly to me on all evolving threats.
• Providing our staff with regular communication and updates designed to limit the spread of the virus
• Creating a culture of infection control through raised awareness and support around personal and workspace hygiene.
• Modifying our twice-daily customer delivery services to ensure minimum human contact occurs.
Bringing forward the release of a new interactive Torquepower Online store that will bring opportunities for customers to order remotely and have product delivered. This further assists with human separation.
• Modifying our Sales Counter and Goods receipt areas to increase human separation.
• Identifying and preparing to equip key staff to be able to temporarily work from home as required
• Establishing contingency plans to maintain services and availabilities during times of significant and sustained absenteeism
• Temporarily suspending infield sales activities
• Providing employees with the latest Government updates
• Optimising the use of internal technology for team meetings
• Adapting to customer service process change requests wherever practical to do so.

Cummins engine and associated product supply and support is our primary company function and we will continue to do everything we can to ensure continuity of this service to our customers.

We will continue to keep you updated as the situation evolves and please do not hesitate to contact our General manager or myself directly should you have any questions.

Yours Faithfully,

Ken Roberts
Managing Director

Merry Christmas from Torquepower

Our 41st year has been great! Thank you for your support. Have a wonderful Christmas period with those you love, drive safely, and may 2020 be a prosperous and healthy one for us all !

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For emergency spare parts, please call
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EXPAC says ” Torquepower is our first choice for Cummins parts”

“EXPAC is a dedicated procurement and export company that services the Pacific Island, specifically Papua New Guinea, the Solomon Island, Fiji and Noumea. PNG is our key area of business. We export a large range of motor vehicles and heavy vehicle parts to workshops in PNG and support a large fleet of passenger vehicles, heavy vehicles and buses to service our own sites in Papua New Guinea, and the landowner company, NKW Holdings.”

“The products we export are many and varied and include construction materials, electrical cabling and fit out materials, plumbing, toilets, sinks, really everything you can think of, and we freight by sea and air. “

“Torquepower has always been our first choice for Cummins support. They are helpful and knowledgeable, and their response time is the best in the industry. Torquepower understands our clients are in a remote area and don’t have a local garage or Bunnings. If our parts are wrong, or don’t turn up on time, it causes a lot of stress ! “

Barry Long, Procurement Officer, EXPAC Australia.

The three initials, N, K and W, are the initials of the three clans who are the traditional landowners, and manage the catering and camp management, logistics, building and construction and agriculture. NKW Fresh operates fresh produce collection depots in Kainantu, Wau and Lae and support them with highly efficient transport logistics. NKW Catering provides food for 1100 people living and working on the mine sites.


You can rely on TORQUEPOWER . Make Torquepower your first choice for Cummins Parts – since 1978 | 170 Beatty Road, Archerfield, Qld.

New CPak Cummins engines for Manildra

South Coast Track Repairs in Bomaderry is located 40 minutes south of Wollongong in Coastal NSW, and say they do anything to do with pulling a machine apart and fixing it. Dave is parts and sales manager, and says “ there is nothing , diesel or petrol; that we don’t do .”

South Coast Track Repairs is 33 years old and looks after the giant Manildra flour mill and Ethanol plant.

The CPAK 6B150 engines supplied by Torquepower will be fitted as fire pumps in the fire room at the Manildra Mill and Ethanol Plant. Dave explains the unfortunate story of the old engines.

“The old ones cooked themselves. They ran at full revs for a long period of time, but no one knew that the water hose externals that feed and cool the engines were accidentally turned off. It was a very expensive mistake.

We are looking forward to seeing the brand “newbies” – built to spec by Cummins. We will install them. These are beautiful machines, we don’t see much new stuff like that here. “

Manildra Mill and Ethanol Plant – C Pak Fire Engines supplied by Torquepower

“When I worked in Cutting Edges in Sydney and Newcastle for 10 years, I had a good working relationship with Zac, who is now at Torquepower. We are very happy with Torquepower, both the service, and with how quickly everything was done. They turned the order around in about a week and a half. And that’s pretty much how quickly things need to work for a big company like Manildra. ]

Zac was very patient with us. He quoted for this job back in February, so it was a long drawn-out process. We’re going to be installing them next week. There is a bit to be done pulling the old equipment stuff down out of the mill. Then I’m off to Hawaii for a holiday with the family including my two girls 3 and 7.

There’s not much time with work and family, but when I do get some me-time it’s on my R1 Sports Bike. “

Make Torquepower your first call for a new engine whether it be On Highway, Off Highway or a Marine application – It’s our 41st year . 0732778277 | 170 Beatty Road, Archerfield Q 4108.

TOTAL Oils partners Vodafone Gold Coast 600

Total shows passion for Supercars by becoming the Official Lubricant Partner of the Vodafone Gold Coast 600

Total Oil Australia is excited to announce their partnership with Supercars by becoming the Official Lubricant Partner of  the Vodafone Gold Coast 600 race in October 2019. Total Lubricants have a long history in motorsport both globally and also in Australia.

Involvement in motorsport is a large part of Total’s brand presence in Australia, allowing them to showcase their ongoing support and commitment to the Australian lubricant market. 2019 is an exciting year for Total Oil Australia as it is marks their first step into the prestigious Supercars racing category – the most popular motorsport category in the country. Supercars are equally excited with the partnership opportunity.

Exceeding All OEM Standards.

Torquepower is a proud distributor of TOTAL high-performance lubricants including fully synthetic oils designed for your heavy-duty diesel engine. TOTAL Oils are configured to meet EPA 2007 and Euro 4/5 mission regulations for your engine. TOTAL advanced lubricant solutions include oil, grease, coolants, brake and hydraulic oils; utilised in earthmoving, farming, marine, industrial, and automotive on-highway applications.

“We are delighted to welcome Total Oil Australia as the Official Lubricant Partner of the Vodafone Gold Coast 600 this year. It is fantastic for us to have such a global and iconic brand involved in the sport and the event”, says Jamie Black, General Manager Commercial, Supercars.  

The partnership will see full Total Lubricants branding on the track’s infamous beach chicane, where  all the  action and excitement will take place. “Total is synonymous with Motorsport around the world, having being part of some of the greatest victories in our global partnerships with the 24 Hours of Le Mans, World Endurance Championships and World Rally Championships. We are proud to be the Official Lubricant Partner where key attributes of performance and endurance in our products are showcased in the sport.” said Andrew Murchie, Managing Director of Total Oil Australia

To see Total Oil Australia and the Supercars Series partnership in action and all the excitement on track, tune in to the Supercars Vodafone Gold Coast 600 race, October 25-27.

Quality filtration gold in remote Asia

Torquepower is assisting a major mining trade partner by supplying quality filtration products for heavy duty haul trucks and mining equipment in one of the World’s most remote areas.

The mine is one of the most exciting developments in copper and gold mining in the last several decades. It contains enough reserves to cement its status as one of the largest known copper and gold deposits in the world.

Nowhere is too distant for Torquepower , Major distributors for Fleetguard, Donaldson & Baldwin filtration products.

Northern Asia is a cold, large and sparsely populated area. Residents have, for hundreds of years, relied on nomadic herding and animal husbandry.

Torquepower is proud to be part of a project which is bringing prosperity to the area.

Nowhere is too distant, nothing is too hard! If you have filtration requirements, Torquepower can make it happen.

For quality filtration parts and speedy reliable delivery make Torquepower YOUR FIRST CHOICE too. https://shopping.torquepower.com.au/#SearchBy

It’s our 40th Year ! 0732778277 | 170 Beatty Road, ARCHERFIELD QLD 4108. #torquepower #cummins #filtration #donaldson #dayco #baldwin


Torquepower was proud to support EARTHMOVERS and CIVIL CONTRACTORS at the inaugural CCF QLD Field Day at Pickles Industrial in Archerfield. With over 920 people in attendance, the event was a great success!

SPIN THE WHEEL – and WIN ! Buy any quality TOTAL OIL; 77 LUBRICANTS or TECALEMIT PRODUCT and spin the wheel to win a great prize – 20 litres of oil; a Tecalemit Grease Gun, promotional caps and shirts, money boxes for the kids; or Vouchers towards DPF, Bosch and Donaldson products, valid until all products are won !

We were pleased to meet you at the QCCFD, and demonstrate our extensive range of CUMMINS, TECALEMIT, BOSCH, DONALDSON and quality Oil and Lubricant products. We are your one stop shop ! COME IN-STORE to purchase any Tecalemit Grease or TOTAL and 77 Oil products, SPIN THE PRIZE WHEEL! and win great Prizes. See you at 170 Beatty Road, Archerfield | 0732778277| www.torquepower.com | Make Torquepower your FIRST choice for CUMMINS

Civil Construction Field Day 2019

We recently held the 2019 Civil Contractors Federation – Queensland Field Day at our Archerfield branch. Take a look at what went on

Posted by Pickles on Sunday, 31 March 2019


It’s not known exactly when, but the first diesel engine that Clessie Cummins saw was probably in 1917 or 1918, and likely made under license from the R.M. Hvid (pronounced Veed) Company. In the early 20th century, a Dutch man named Jan Brons invented a four-cycle, compression-ignition engine and was granted a European patent in 1907. The Brons engine did not use pressurized injection, which would prove to be a technical barrier for practical diesels.


Using that engine as a basis, an American named Rasmus Martin Hvid in 1915 patented an “oil injection device” and a “hydrocarbon engine governor.” The first engines built under those patents were made by the Hercules Engine Company of Evansville, Indiana and marketed by Sears-Roebuck for stationary use under the Thermoil brand.


Hvid licensed others, including Cummins, to handle any production needs that couldn’t be handled by Hercules. By then William Irwin was an official with the U.S. Department of Commerce, which may have helped in securing the license. Intellectual property in hand, with $10,000 from Irwin, Clessie Cummins incorporated the Cummins Engine Company in Columbus, Indiana in 1919.


Cummins produced its first licensed diesel engine, an 8-horsepower stationary unit, the following year. They didn’t sell many, but it brought in enough revenue to stay in business. Cummins worked on improving the performance of the Hvid engine, simultaneously working on his own original diesel designs.


It was a roller-coaster startup, with Sears initially ordering thousands of engines, only to return many of them and cancelling the remaining order. Cummins company lore puts the blame on cheap farmers, who bought the engines, used them for a season, then returned them for refunds. A more likely reason is that the Hvid Thermoil engines just didn’t work very well. That’s evidenced by other historical data and by the fact that Clessie Cummins diligently worked to improve them.

With thanks, Ronnie Schreiber, The Truth About Cars.

Torquepower, working hard for 40 years to support the owners and operators of Cummins powered equipment right across Australia and the South Pacific. https://www.torquepower.com.au/