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IT’S MIDNIGHT AND YOU NEED A Cummins Part … Just jump onto . Order your part on our new website ( it’s a dream to use, and unique in the industry) … and your part will be ready for delivery or pick up the next business morning.  If you are in trouble, and need the part immediately, call 0732778277 and our after hours emergency team will get it to you.  ( Call-out fees apply)

Anyone can access the Torquepower Online Parts Store. You can even find your Cummins parts without a Parts Catalogue and without access to the proprietary Cummins Quick Serve software. Using it will help you in the successful running of your own Cummins reliant enterprise. If you are a trade customer please ask for your own Trade Counter Log In so you can log in, check your pricing, easily order multiple parts lines, and download your Invoices and Statements .

Alternative source of genuine Cummins parts

Cummins is the world’s largest independent designer and manufacturer of diesel engines. Cummins engines power more types of equipment in more markets than any other engine make – markets that include mining, trucking, passenger transport, power generation, oil and gas, construction, agriculture, rail and defence. Cummins’ diesel engine line-up spans 2.8 to 95 litres and 50 to 4200 hp.

Torquepower has proudly supported thousands of owners and operators of Cummins powered equipment – since 1978. As an alternative source of genuine Cummins parts and professional workshop service we have come to understand our customers business needs and values.

Purosil Silicone Hoses

American Made. World Class! Purosil LLC was established in 1958 and is today located in Corona, California. Purosil serves the heavy-duty truck, bus, and coach sectors, as well as the construction equipment, farm equipment, military vehicle, stationary generator, and marine markets. They manufacture High Performance Silicone, EPDM Air Intakes, and Silicone and EPDM Knit Hose. They are the high temperature hose experts.

Torquepower is proud to be a Purosil Master Reseller in Australia. All stocked Purposil products are shown on,  and to be bought from, our Website. See “Silicon Hoses & Bends”

Trade and stockists enquiries are welcome.

Caltex Delo

Delo® has grown to become a powerful global brand with a proven track record of exceeding the requirements of some of the largest, most demanding fleets in the world. When Standard Oil launched Delo® (short for Diesel Engine Lubricating Oil) in 1935, Delo® products were at the forefront of lubrication innovation.

Delo’s product line formulated with ISOSYN® Technology combines highly refined base oils with advanced additives to create products that rival synthetic lubricants in critical performance tests. Delo with ISOSYN® Technology provides extended service protection, maximizes engine durability, and minimizes operating costs.

Properly lubricating the inside of a heavy-duty engine requires more than just creating a protective film. Quality heavy-duty engine oils must also disperse soot and control sludge in order to help maximize your mileage and guard against loss of your engine’s life. Delo engine oils do all that and more.

Torquepower are keen to assist you to protect your equipment. We are a Caltex Delo 400 master reseller.


Valvoline Premium Blue

While studying the possible healing powers of crude oil, the American physician Dr Ellis was disappointed to find no real medicinal value, but was intrigued by its potential lubricating properties. The oil he developed in 1866 worked effectively in high temperatures and was especially suitable to lubricate the large steam engines of that time.

He abandoned the practice of medicine and founded the Continuous Oil Refining Company, which later became known as Valvoline. Today, Valvoline is a world leading independent lubricant specialist with 150 years of experience under it’s belt.

The technology behind Premium Blue engine oils was developed in partnership with Cummins Inc., the world’s largest producer of commercial diesel engines.

Torquepower is proud to stock, supply and use Valvoline Premium Blue oils.


With 60 years of industry experience, commitment to service, reliability, innovation and the environment, Horton is a premium provider of engine cooling solutions worldwide. The company manufactures and markets fan drives, fans and related components in OEM applications and aftermarket segments globally to the trucking, bus, RV and industrial markets.

Horton’s comprehensive research and development processes are driven by a commitment to exceed the cooling demands of reduced-emission engines today and in the future.

According to Horton, it employs one of the industry’s largest teams of engineers, designers and technicians in new product development and prototype testing. Horton’s research and development team observes and records performance data from a control centre featuring around-the-clock video monitoring of products in state-of-the-art test cells.

A dynamometer with ram air provisions accurately simulates a full range of real-life operating conditions. Fan life analysis is conducted in endurance test cells and a burst pit. Maximum airflow along with peak efficiency of fan or shroud designs is determined in the 60,000 cubic feet per minute (cfm) airflow capacity wind tunnel.

Torquepower is pleased to be able a to offer a limited range of Horton quality products.


Dayco is a premier brand of automotive power transmission and cooling system components for the Australian, New Zealand and Asian Pacific region automotive aftermarket;  A global leader in the research, design, manufacturing and distribution of essential engine products, drive systems and services for trucks, construction, agriculture and industry.

Torquepower are proud to be associated with quality manufacturers, and pleased to offer Dayco products as a master reseller.

Dayco’s contributions are integral to how people get from place to place, goods are transported, food is harvested, and infrastructure is built. The company operates according to long-held values — keeping promises, delivering on time all the time, and an intense commitment to service no matter what the obstacles. For more than a century, Dayco has overcome challenges, emerging stronger and smarter at every turn.

Torquepower retains a policy of associating only with only quality manufacturers and is accordingly pleased to offer Dayco products in its capacity as a Master Dayco Reseller.

Baldwin Filters

Torquepower is a Master Reseller of Baldwin Filters . These products complement our Fleetguard, Donaldson and Racor filtration product lines. Trade, stockist and general enquiries are all welcome.

J.A. Baldwin was one of the first to recognize the importance of improving mobile filtration. He designed a cartridge lube filter and began production in Wisconsin, USA in 1936. Quality is top priority at Baldwin Filters with patented designs such as Radial Seal air filters, self-venting drain valves for fuel/water separators and controlled release coolant products. Baldwin Filters is not just a filter assembler like many large companies. They provide maximum control and consistency by not only producing the filters, but also by manufacturing the components.

Baldwin’s goal is to design filters that meet or exceed OEM specification. All Baldwin filters are tested at their state-of-the-art technical centre and undergo extensive field testing. The practice of building a filter from the base up allows quality and cost control, giving Baldwin Filters an advantage over the competition. To back up its commitment to quality, Baldwin Filters has achieved and maintains TS 16949 and ISO 9001 certifications in its facilities.

When Torquepower sells you a filter, you know it is backed by the world’s best engineering.


Designed to meet or exceed equipment manufacturers’ specifications, Donaldson products are built to stringent standards for quality and performance. Donaldson is a leading original supplier of filtration systems to many of the largest engine and vehicle manufacturers in the world today for industries as diverse as Agriculture, Marine, Road Transport and Hydraulics.

Donaldson delivers the quality you expect and the performance you need. An industry leader in heavy-duty filtration for both on and off-road diesel and petrol engines, Donaldson also offers superior customer service and technical support. From air, lube, fuel, hydraulic filters and accessories, through to heavy-duty coolant, 4WD filters and bulk fuel filtration – Donaldson covers the lot.

Torquepower stocks, sells and recommends Donaldson filters as a key part of our quality filtration product offering.


Cummins Filtration is a wholly owned subsidiary of Cummins Engine Company and is recognised around the globe as a filtration specialist providing some of the most advanced filter technologies in the industry. Under the Fleetguard® brand name, Cummins Filtration is a global supplier to original equipment manufacturers, aftermarket dealers and distributors as well as millions of end users. It offers one of the broadest product coverages in the industry and as a first supply to every Cummins engine ever built, it is wholly responsible to Cummins for its ongoing quality, dependability, performance, and innovation.

Torquepower has a very long association with the Fleetguard brand and is pleased to recommend it to you for not only Cummins applications but a great many others. Our Online Shopping portals now offer vast but simple Cross-references from your own filter part number to a quality Fleetguard equivalent. It will also show you our stock status in real time and offer you the ability to buy what you need Online.