Bus & Coach Sales Australia bought a used bus in North Queensland in red dust country. Experiencing white smoke, and poor performance after picking up some bad fuel, they had a better win than the State of Origin Decider, when they found that the four $1100 each Injectors they needed, were a marked-down clearance item at Torquepower, allowing them to be purchased for a fraction of retail price at JUST $161 EACH. That’s a BETTER THAN 85% discount ! For more hot deals for your Cummins see

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Commercially, we have to move stock that is no longer moving and to that end we offer those items to you at Genuine Clearance Prices.

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Cummins Clearance Lines include surplus, superseded, discontinued or slow moving inventory.

In the unlikely event that a Cummins Clearance Line is proven to be defective within 12 months of its purchase by the buyer, Torquepower will refund the Invoiced amount for the defective part. The decision to Refund will be subject to the evidence of proof normally required by the manufacturer of the part. We strongly recommend that you contact Torquepower immediately if you suspect a problem.

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We’ve all seen those mudflaps, “Without trucks Australia stops” – but without that reliable supply chain of genuine and quality Cummins engine parts – the trucks, the diggers, the gensets and boats – will stop first.
You don’t have to be in the mining industry to be at the coal face of a business where the decisions that you personally make can mean the difference between success and failure on a broader scale. Take a hypothetical local heavy transport fleet workshop in say, Dajarra, outback Queensland. Everyone there would understand the importance of a fast and reliable spare parts supply- especially one that was underpinned by an information system that ensured “the right part first time”. Those making key maintenance and support decisions in that Dajarra workshop would want only to work only with people who can walk the torque.
The workshop is hypothetical – but the principal is far from it.
So, right back in 1998, after twenty years of coal face experience repairing nothing but Cummins engines, the Torquepower planners recognised that efficiency in spare parts support was something that could be done much better.
The first step was to partner with an independent IT specialist and using his code building skills and our Cummins experience, scratch-build a completely new and innovative IT platform that would take the company forward into the next century while concurrently providing a best-in-class online platform for our customers. And that is what we did – and that partnership remains to this day and the product has continued to evolve as a one-of-a-kind in our industry. With around 250,000 lines of code – and growing, we call it the BOSS.
The system allows us to completely integrate our essential business functions with our strong online presence at
And the benefits for our customers now include their secure access to any of their own document copies, real time inventory levels, specific account pricing, online ordering and quote lodgement, exchange core reconciliation, Control Parts List (CPL) support, and even the ability to look up parts by the application and function of the part in service.
We have a Torquepower app too, of course, where you can find and buy Cummins parts using our unique Application/Function look-up tool or you can check and buy from our current Clearance Lines – or you can check the meaning of your active Cummins fault codes.
Initially, the online shopping part of the new website used the name Clessie Online in recognition of the work of Clessie Cummins in establishing the Cummins brand almost 100 years ago, however customers found the two identities rather confusing so we reverted to the well established Torquepower brand right across the board.
Of those long days and even longer nights, Ken says “I guess I was driven by a need that I had come to know well, the need to keep the wheels turning – to mitigate the losses for a customer when a truck, a digger, a pump, boat or generator goes offline. And now, after 40 years of supporting many thousands of Cummins operators throughout Australia and beyond our shores, we know that none of our customers can afford delays in getting their Cummins equipment back into service.
My accountant continually berates me about our high Cummins inventory levels that we hold on a daily basis, but we are proud in the knowledge that we will almost always have the part that you need for your Cummins engine, even with older, hard to find parts – and the price will be right too.”
We’ve all seen those mudflaps, “Without trucks Australia stops” – but without that reliable supply chain of genuine and quality Cummins engine parts – the trucks, the diggers, the gensets and boats – will stop first.
I am a long-time admirer of the power and simplicity of our modern diesel engines and believe their continuing success will require skilful qualified servicing and repairs – and having the right spare part just when you need it. “
Ken Roberts is Managing Director of Torquepower, one of Queensland’s top privately held companies, a qualified Diesel Technician himself, and since 1978, an employer of choice. 0732778277 170 Beatty Road ARCHERFIELD QLD.

The TORQUEPOWER tradition continues

The TORQUEPOWER tradition continues as Jessie Fuenzalida, another generation, learns the ropes at Torquepower.  Jessies’ grandfather Hector Fuenzalida worked at Torquepower in the mid-1990s. When he first immigrated from Chile to Australia years before Jessie was born, Hector settled into a little Italian workshop in Melbourne (an Italian girlfriend helped with language training!) then a stint with Isuzu before coming to work with the Torquepower team.
At four years old, Jessie also emigrated, and connected closely to his Granddad. “ As a child, I watched my grandfather in his shed, helped him out, and took a real interest in truck mechanics. I live at his house just two minutes down the road while I’m here doing work experience. Though he is semi-retired, today Granddad is pulling the gear box out of his own truck! ”
“I am studying Cylinder Head Reconditioning at Acacia Ridge TAFE. Once the course is done, I want an apprenticeship. Later I’d like to work on heavy diesel mining equipment . The best thing about work experience at Torquepower is taking cylinder heads apart and servicing them. I am really enjoying learning from the people here. They are easy to get along, and hands on work beats studying.”
“On the weekends, I help set up for festivals with my mate. I genuinely enjoy setting up music, lighting and generators . Once the work is done, you can really relax. Another hobby is gardening, really; any work with my hands is good. “ Good people, good products. 0732778277 170 Beatty Road, ARCHERFIELD. Pictured; Jessie learns from Torquepower’s Blade Walker.

The right tools is half the battle

Tools are an interesting issue. A basic tool, like a hammer, keeps life simple, but you know what happens: everything then ends up looking like a nail. A complex tool can do a lot but may have a steep learning curve: just knowing what each function of the tool can do takes time, then learning how to use each feature may take more time. But there is a definite pay-off.

It’s just common sense as a technician that when you are using the right, fit- for- purpose, quality, genuine tool, life gets easier, jobs are quicker, stress levels stay down, and customers are happier. If you are the service or workshop manager, your key issues are around timeliness, effectiveness, and operational costs. This is instinctive. But what do technicians in the field think ?

“My best tool is the workshop manual, even after 40 years ; but for me having the correct testing gear is really important. It means I can diagnose it . Then having the correct tools means I can actually fix it myself. Having the right tools is half the battle.” Neil Bird, Cummins engine specialist.

And if you’re the boss ? “ It’s almost impossible to do tasks correctly with confidence without the right tooling. Without the right gear, productivity goes out the window because you are scratching and trying to improvise. For example; lets imagine you don’t have the right gear for testing fuel systems? Some engines take a day to test with the right tools; without them, it’s impossible to do the job at the right cost. If I’m having my guys work on the Cam timing on an ISX engine, they just won’t be able to complete that at all without the correct tools. “ Carl Bickle, Torquepower Workshop Manager .

With an end of financial year clearance, slashing 10 to 60% off the cost of new quality Cummins tools, now is the time to invest in the right tools that meet everyone’s needs. See ; call 07328778277 or visit us at 170 Beatty Road, Archerfield, QLD before 15th July 2016. Speedy deliveries all over the country.