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Exchange Long Blocks to suit Cummins engines?

A simple and cost effective way to get fast turn-around for your worn out B or C series engine. Either we can professionally install it or you can take it away and do it yourself.… ” Through complete overhaul, and strict compliance with manufacturers specifications, we bring the worn engine back to “as-new” condition, enabling it to be used for another full service life”. – Ken Roberts, Director.

Why is Torquepower your Rebuild Specialist?

Why is Torquepower your Rebuild Specialist? We can rebuild and update your Engine from the ground up. 100% Commitment to cleaning, inspection and build quality, means guaranteed finished product integrity.

Speedy EQUIPMENT FINANCE – Parts or Repairs

When you depend on your truck, you can’t afford to have it off the road!

If you have plenty of work but prefer not to use your capital, ask TORQUEPOWER about our Award winning Parts and Repair FINANCE PARTNERS. They are experts in EQUIPMENT FINANCE , and will offer you preferential rates, low document loans and SPEEDY APPROVALS on loans of $10,000 plus. They settle $25 million dollars each month, and have access to a huge panel of approved lenders and major banks and are associated with all major automotive industry entities. To find out more, call 0732778277 or see us at 170 Beatty Road, Archerfield.

CLEARANCE SPECIAL Cummins Marine rebuilt C450 8.3 $25,750*

The Cummins 8.3 -M3- (450 Diamond) Marine Engine is the ideal Cummins diesel marine engine in both recreational and commercial markets. It is a proven mid-range diesel platform. First in service March 1999 – CPL2172, this much sought-after Cummins C450 Engine is in VERY GOOD CONDITION, and has just had a FULL REBUILD – COST $25,750 plus GST.
The C450 in-frame rebuild included new pistons, liners, rings, main and con rod bearings. Works carried out included; Aftercooler serviced, Turbo serviced, Fuel pump tested, New oil pressure sender; New front and rear crankshaft seals, full set of new Bosch fuel injectors; Anodes replaced; Coolant replaced; and full set of new Filters.
• In-line 6-cylinder, 4-stroke diesel
• Bore & Stroke; 114 mm x 135 mm (4.49 in x 5.31 in)
• Displacement; 8.3 L (505 in3)
• Aspiration; Turbocharged/Aftercooled
• Rotation ; Counter- clockwise facing flywheel
This is a proven mid-range diesel platform with mid-stop wet liners, 12-valve design, and a simple to service top-end HX or Keel Cooling configurations / Seawater or Jacket Water Aftercooled . The 6CTA 8.3 leverages a simple mechanical designed fuel injection system along with a base engine that can be rebuilt using common tools .
Cummins has a strong marine heritage dating back to the Company’s start in 1919. More than 90 years later, Cummins continues to provide reliable, durable diesels to the marine market with a broad range of power; 5.9 to 95 litres for commercial, government and recreational applications.
Cummins marine engines have been engineered to meet the durability and performance needs of marine applications and seawater cooling options and controls seamlessly integrated to ensure the propulsion for your vessel meets your needs.
Torquepower has worked with Cummins marine engines for nearly 40 years. Large cargo vessels, shipping fleets and pleasure boat operators regard Torquepower as an alternative source of genuine Cummins parts and high integrity re-builder of marine engines through compliance to OEM specifications and self-imposed optimal standards, with professional workshop capabilities.
Call Andrew Lawrence 0732778277 for more information. 170 Beatty Road, ARCHERFIELD www.torquepower.com

= Plus GST