Celebrating 45 years of great people and great parts

Celebrating 45 years of great people and great parts

Ken Roberts reflects on tough early years, good customers since 1978; and incredibly good staff.

I’m Ken Roberts, the Managing Director of Torquepower Diesel. Torquepower is a Cummins-focused heavy diesel engine support company. We’ve supported the Cummins product in Australia since 1978 when the business first started. “2023 is our 45th year.

The business started in August 1978. We’ve been at the same physical address all of those years. When we first started here, the landscape around the building that we were in is quite different from what it is today. There was nothing but empty paddocks here. I can recall the early days when it was tough. You know we were very much a struggling small business.

We’ve had some really good customers over the years, many of whom we still see today, and we’ve also had some incredibly good people through the business. I think our numbers are approaching 400 different people that we’ve employed in that period of time, so you know that’s 400 families that we’ve been a part of.

So, I feel proud we’ve been able to do that, and we’ve been able to achieve that.

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