Cummins will launch its new X10 engine in North America in 2026.

Cummins will launch its new X10 engine in North America in 2026.

Cummins Inc. announced it will launch the next engine in the fuel-agnostic series, the X10, in North America in 2026. Cummins said it is positioned to replace both the L9 and the X12 engines with the versatility to serve both medium and heavy-duty applications.

Cummins X10
Cummins will launch its new X10 engine in North America in 2026. (Photo: Cummins)
The X10 will offer two sets of ratings for medium- and heavy-duty applications which will be differentiated by rated speed and are subject to change, Cummins said. Medium-duty ratings range from 320 to 380 hp with torque ratings of 1000 to 1250 lb. ft. at 2100 rpm. For heavy-duty applications, ratings are 350 to 450 hp, with torques ranging from 1350 to 1650 lb.ft. at 1800 rpm.

First unveiled at IAA Hanover in late 2022, the X10 will be compliant with U.S. EPA’s 2027 regulations a full year early, Cummins said. The diesel version will be first available, with other versions for gaseous fuels introduced later.

The engine is built on Cummins’ fuel-agnostic platform in which a series of engine versions are derived from a common base engine. Below the head gasket of each engine will largely have similar components and above the head gasket will have different components for different fuel types. Each engine version will operate using a different, single fuel.

Cummins said that diesel will remain a critical technology for the commercial vehicle market for years to come, and the company will continue to support it. The X10 will first be available in Europe and North America and will be introduced in other regions over time. Eventually, it will also be made for off-highway applications, Cummins said.

“We are committed to advancing diesel technology while our markets and our customers need it to run their businesses,” said José Samperio, executive director – North America On-Highway at Cummins. “The new X10 has been designed drawing on our decades of experience as a leader in the medium and heavy-duty space. We have applied those learnings to ensure the product will perform for our customers and the important jobs they need to do every time.”

The X10 diesel will emit 75% less NOx emissions than required at launch in 2026, Cummins said. It will be compliant to the U.S. EPA’s new 2027 heavy-duty truck regulations while providing a step change in fuel economy improvement. The X10 architecture uses a belt-driven, high-output 48 V alternator and after treatment heater system optimized for increasingly stringent emission standards and will be scalable to other advanced combustion technologies, the company said. The X10 can also operate on B20 biodiesel or renewable diesel for further reductions in carbon emissions, Cummins said.

The engine can be paired with a variety of transmissions depending on the application including the Eaton Cummins Endurant, a product of Cummins’ joint venture with Eaton. The engine is also equipped with Acumen, Cummins digital hardware and software technology. Acumen provides digital connectivity and direct, immediate access to a range of applications and capabilities, such as over-the-air calibration and predictive service.

Cummins will build the engines for North America at its engine facility in Rocky Mount, N.C.

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