Donaldson Filters

Donaldson Filters

Got Plans for the Weekend ?  If you’re going to climb a mountain of sand, then you need a Donaldson 4WD Filter kit from Torquepower. We’ve got mountains of stock for you, and great prices. 0732778277 | 170 Beatty Road, Archerfield Q 4108. #torquepower #donaldson #4WDlife #4WDfilter #cummins #sanddunes

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Henrick from BMI Equipment purchased Donaldson filtration parts for BMI Equipment’s screening machine – The Screener ( see pictured below ) is used for sorting rock sizes, rubbish and estate at the Recycling Plant. Purchase a Donaldson 4WD kit, hose, or clamps from Torquepower – | 0732778277 |

Karl, from Advanced Maintenance purchased DONALDSON filtration parts for a Container Handler Forklift from TORQUEPOWER. The Advanced Maintenance team are heavy-vehicle maintenance specialists. Here’s the equipment they were working on pictured… 0732778277 | 170 Beatty Rd, ARCHERFIELD. #torquepower #donaldson #4WD #advancedmaintenance

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