Cummins Marine Engines

Cummins Marine Engines

Whether you are a professional or recreational fisherman your success and safety at sea is everything.

… you need both reliable power and fuel savings that you can measure. Cummins Marine engines deliver reliability, reduced maintenance costs, and outstanding performance to not only the fishing industry but many other commercial Marine operators and pleasure boat owners.

Hung Nguyen

… is a successful prawn fisherman based out of Hemmant, Brisbane. His trawler, 45 foot “Betty”, is powered by a new NT855 turbo-charged Cummins engine that was supplied and configured by Torquepower. “I like Cummins engines, they have plenty of low-end torque, and work as hard as I do!“ Torquepower Director, Ken Roberts, explains; “The original engine had overheated and on our advice, Hung’s best option was to replace rather than repair. His … naturally aspirated 14 litre Big Cam Cummins was no longer in production but its perfect replacement was a turbocharged Cummins NT855. It came with a range of spares and specialised tooling – exactly what an offshore fisherman needs.”

Peter Lee, is MD of Lees Fishing in Tan Can Bay.

His fleet of trawlers catch and process fresh King and Tiger prawns, sweet Spanner crabs, Scallops, Sandcrabs, Red Spot Crabs, Moreton Bay bugs and more. Seafood that is landed by the trawlers is processed, graded, packed and frozen at sea and unloaded on fortnightly or monthly cycles from the boats and delivered to the factory at Tin Can Bay. Product is then distributed all over Australia and into overseas markets. Torquepower regularly provides parts and service support for the Cummins marine engines that power Lees Fishing fleet.

The Laura III is a 2300 tonne cargo vessel that flies a New Caledonia Flag

and has a homeport in beautiful Noumea. Built in 2009, the vessel is a drive-on, drive-off island trader which freights containers, cars and trucks between the islands. As a Heavy Load Carrier with a length of 78.1m and a beam of 16m, Laura III draws just 3 metres and has recorded a maximum speed of 14 knots. Torquepower recently provided the parts and service expertise for midlife overhauls on the vessel’s K38 V12 Cummins engines on-site in Noumea.

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Cummins is a leader in the Marine engine market with products ranging from 3.9 litre to 95 litre and duty cycles from commercial full-time propulsion such as ships, ferries and fishing vessels – to recreational and sailboats.

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QSK 19 for Marine

Clessie Cummins and Marine Engines

Determined to top a coast-to-coast record held by GM’s gas engine, Clessie Cummins set out with a diesel-powered cargo truck on a route from New York City to Los Angeles in August 1931. Watch here..

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