Throughout this site part numbers are used to identify unique line items. Part numbers most commonly adopted by Torquepower are the part numbers proposed by the respective original equipment manufacturer (OEM’s) however Torquepower’s use of any such number does not imply that the part is necessarily sourced from the OEM – but more often than not, it is.

Derivatives of many base part numbers are offered to cover used, reconditioned and alternative options to the baseline product.

Below is an explanation of part number styles used by Torquepower . The base number 123456 is used here for demonstration purposes only.

Number Meaning

  • – 123456 The base (new) part number
  • – 123456A A quality and cheaper Alternative to the base part number
  • – 123456U Used and Checked second hand part suitable for re-use
  • – 123456UU Used and ready-to-use re-machined part (eg Crankshaft, Engine Block etc)
  • – 123456RX A re-manufactured or new assembly that is offered on an exchange basis (also PX – a Premium version of RX)
  • – 123456NX A new assembly that is offered on an exchange basis

Any other suffixes are incidental to this numbering system.

Return Policy – Torquepower Online:

Torquepower Online will accept the item for credit return, inclusive of its approved freight cost both ways, where an item is incorrectly represented in the Torquepower Online website and the buyer has relied on that information in making the purchase. Goods must be returned and received in the same state and condition in which they were dispatched. Electrical items that are deemed to be “faulty” will not be accepted for credit. Credit Returns are not accepted where the buyer otherwise orders incorrectly or no longer requires the purchased item.


Return Policy – Torquepower In Store

Goods will only be accepted for Torquepower credit return as follows:

  • The return of the Goods is approved by Torquepower in advance of the return;
  • The Goods are returned in the same unopened, clean packaging as they were when dispatched or collected from Torquepower
  • Loose supplied electrical goods deemed to be “faulty” when installed, may not be accepted for credit;
  • Return freight must be prepaid by customer
  • The Goods are re-received at Torquepower on or before 30 days from Invoice date
  • The resulting credit will be paid to the customer via the reverse of the customer’s purchase method;
  • Credit card charges will not be refunded
  • Credit calculated as follows: (Price Paid + gst) – credit card charge) *0.85

Torquepower Online offers a wide range of Remanufactured Exchange Assemblies, some of which are in fact brand new.

Exchange assemblies provide cost-effective options to new replacement items when the old assembly has reached the end of its useful service life or has failed in service. Exchange assemblies include all new critical replacement parts and updated components where applicable. They will normally provide a service life similar to that offered by a new assembly and carry comprehensive warranties that reflect that high standard of rebuild.

The cost of an Exchange Assembly is made up of the Value of the Reconditioning Component, plus the value of the Core Component (Core Value).

You can choose to offset the Core Value by offering up an old Core of your own – perhaps the one that is being replaced – as an exchange Core. Alternatively, you can retain your old component and accept the full Exchange price for the replacement assembly.

Old Core values are assessed against a set of standards called Core Acceptance Standards. These are different for each style of Exchange assembly. The Core Acceptance Standards will be clearly defined for you before you commit to buy (click on the shopping trolley at the end of the line of the part you want). If your old Core meets these Core Acceptance Standards then the core value will be offset against your purchase price by way of a credit. If the old Core fails to meet these standards then either a Damage Surcharge will apply (in the case of a core that is partially useful) or alternatively, the Core will be rejected as unacceptable.

In order to successfully offer an old Core for offset, it must be received at Torquepower Online within 14 days from the invoice date (called the Core Return Date) for the new Exchange replacement assembly.

IMPORTANT : Old Cores MUST be returned In the same package that carried the New Exchange Part.

Cores received after the Core Return Date will not be processed and will be held for re-collection or return to you at your freight cost for a period of 1 month after the Core Return Date. Thereafter the rejected Core will be discarded.

If you have and questions or concerns about Core management or exchange product purchasing please contact us by email and we will respond to your enquiry promptly.

For Australian Domestic buyers, simply choose between:

  • • Torquepower Arranged Overnight (Air Express or Express Post)
  • • Torquepower Arranged General Freight (time for delivery varies with your location and services available)
  • • Buyer Collection (Pick-Up from Torquepower)


For International Buyers please specify your freight requirements in the Comment Box on the freight page. Torquepower Online can provide CIF or FOB international freight services.


Torquepower Online has negotiated great freight rates with both domestic and international freight service providers. The price you get will be at or near our net cost thus ensuring that the savings you made in your purchases are not lost in loaded freight charges. Torquepower Online is not in the business of capitalising on third party freight charges.


NEW ** You can now Pick-Up your Torquepower Online purchases directly from the Torquepower sales and pay by Credit card at the time.

Important Notes:

  • Your Order is conditional upon the freight quotation being agreed.
  • Receipt of your payment confirms the order.
  • Goods will be shipped to your nominated shipping address.
  • All Torquepower Online arranged freight is registered and insured.
  • Packaging charges may be added (by quotation) for items requiring special attention.
  • No goods will be released or dispatched until proof of payment is received.
  • Payment by Credit Card over the phone is NOT offered.

Once you have placed your Order with Torquepower online you will receive an Invoice that contains both an Invoice Number and a unique PIN number.
To pay the Invoice, simply go to the website, click on Pay My Invoice(s), enter the Invoice Number and PIN and your Credit Card payment will be processed securely by Stripe.

Torquepower uses Stripe to process all of its Online payments.
Stripe is an American financial services company headquartered in San Francisco, California, USA. The company primarily offers payment processing software and application programming interfaces for e-commerce websites and mobile applications.

Millions of businesses of all sizes—from startups to large enterprises—use Stripe’s software and APIs to accept payments, send payouts, and manage their businesses online. These include Amazon, Google and Zoom to name just a few.
Stripe will safely process your Credit card payment at no Fee cost to you – the Fee will be paid by Torquepower.

In accordance with your instructions, the goods will either be sent to you or you can collect them directly from our warehouse. Note that Payment for Online purchases MUST be settled Online before goods can be collected. Online pricing is lower than over the counter pricing so payment on collection is not possible where the order was placed Online. Parts will not be committed to your order until payment is confirmed so act quickly to ensure you don’t miss out.

  • You can Order at any time, day or night
  • You can access the largest alternative source for Cummins parts in Australia
  • Genuine Cummins Spare Parts
  • Alternative Spare Parts for Cummins applications
  • Genuine PuroSil Silicon Hose
  • Genuine Dayco Belts
  • Genuine Cummins Belts
  • Genuine Cummins Special Tools
  • Genuine Cummins Manuals and Wiring Diagrams
  • Genuine Fleetguard, Donaldson and Baldwin filters
  • Genuine BOSCH fuel injectors, Starter Motors and Alternators
  • Exchange Fuel Pumps and Injectors for Cummins applications


Once you place your order, that price is “locked in” for your invoice – even if there is a price review before you take delivery.  You then have 48 hours to complete the purchase before the order times-out.

GST – Goods and Services Tax

Because Torquepower Online is a global trader, Australian GST is NOT included in the prices you see here. However, all goods purchased from Torquepower Online and delivered to any Australian address will be subject to Australian Goods & Services Tax (GST). Your Torquepower Online invoice will identify the GST component. Goods sold to and shipped direct by Torquepower Online out of Australia constitute Exempt Sales for GST purposes.


All prices used throughout Torquepower Online are expressed in Australian Dollars ($AUD) .

How Does the Buying Process Work

Quite simply:

  • Locate and select the part or parts that you want
  • Go to the CheckOut , finish the order and tell us your freight preference
  • We will email an invoice inclusive of freight
  • We will enable secure My Account access for you on the homepage
  • Pay the invoice online at My Account by Credit Card or PayPal
  • Once we have confirmation of your payment, the goods will be immediately prepared for dispatch or collection (your choice).
  • When shipped, all goods are tracked and insured until you receive them.

Shopping Online delivers clear benefits over traditional Spare Parts counter shopping.


  • You can Order at any time, day or night
  • You can access the largest range of Genuine Cummins parts online in Australia.
  • You receive a TRADE DISCOUNT on every purchase
  • You get to “See” the product before you buy (file photos for all parts)
  • You can choose quality Alternative or Aftermarket options where they may be available
  • You can “Window shop” without placing an order
  • You never need to wait to be served
  • You never have to wait for your order to be filled from inventory held somewhere else
  • Every part carries its manufacturer’s full warranty
  • Your order will normally be dispatched on the day payment arrives.
  • Alternatively, you can collect your order from the Torquepower

We invite you to make use of the Torquepower website as often as you need it.

When you Register with Torquepower Online, you immediately receive your own Customer Code, and have access to better than over the counter pricing.

Torquepower’s Online Shopping pages are the first of their kind – they present a powerful Application rather than simple static text. We hope that you find your use of the site to be helpful to your business. Online Shopping saves you time and money.

Torquepower’s Online Shopping offers free access to its pages. The portals incorporate table style menus which can be used to build an informed response to your inquiry based on simple inputs provided by you. The returns will include actual file photographs of the short-listed parts, each taken against a measuring ruler to provide even better perspective. That information can either satisfy your curiosity or can form the basis of the purchase of the part online. Payment can be securely effected online using your Credit Card.

Search By; Application & Function, or Part Number

If you choose Application & Function, you will be able to refine your search using the Engine Model, Part Type and the Engine Group in which the part is found.

Your short list will be presented. You can click on the thumbnail image for a clearer view; you can compare options and consider supersessions for the item of your enquiry. You can then click on the shopping cart to begin your purchase.

The Shopping Cart experience is not a lot different from what you would have seen before, except that we ask you to tell us how you want to take delivery of the goods, and based on your response we will forward an Invoice including delivery (or not). At the same time, you will create a profile in My Account on the homepage and send you a password to access it. Through My Account you can securely complete the payment of your invoice Online.

Note that you can collect the goods from the Torquepower store and pay with your credit card at that time if you prefer. We will process that payment through the online payment portal.

Please Note: When downloading documents (Invoices etc) your computer will need to have pop-ups enabled.