Fleetguard AdBlue In-Line Filter – Extends the life of your AdBlue Pump 

To meet warranty conditions on your Cummins engine, and extend the life of your AdBlue Doser Pump. Torquepower recommends installing the new Fleetguard AdBlue In-Line filter kit. Each contains a Filter UK Replacement Filter UF108 head, fittings, mounting hardware and installation instructions.



■ Extended service intervals
■ 5 times more capacity than traditional in tank AdBlue® filters
■ Simple to fit and service
■ Additional protection for the AdBlue system
■ Robust and durable and Easy to change with standard filter tool
(Convenient twist off/twist on feature of filter/bowl minimises the probability of contaminants falling into filter bowl during replacement )
■ Provides 98% efficiency at 40 micron particle size
■ Filter is compatible with all AdBlue/DEF applications
■ Built in mount bracket

Why FleetguardAdBlue® ?

Today, vehicle emissions are becoming more stringent. From user-friendly filters to environmentally-friendly coolants and Fleetguard AdBlue®, Cummins Filtration goal is to supply quality products that keep your engines running cleaner, longer.

FleetguardAdBlue®, a reagent used in the conversion of harmful exhaust emissions as well as catalytic mufflers for vehicle systems, supply dispensing equipment and partner with major, global companies to deliver Fleetguard AdBlue® to the market. This level of expertise is unequalled in the heavy-duty automotive industry in Australia.

The technology

Many engine manufacturers, including Cummins, are increasingly using Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) technology in their engines’ after treatment system to meet legislated emission requirements.

SCR systems require a reagent as part of the process to convert toxic Nitrogen Oxide (NOx) into harmless Nitrogen and Water. That reagent comes in the form of Fleetguard AdBlue®, an Aqueous Urea Solution of 32.5% Urea that is mixed in exacting proportions of deionised water (AUS32). This ratio ism important to meet the correct rate of emission control requirements.

Cummins Filtration Fleetguard AdBlue® meets high purity requirements, as defined by the International Organisation for Standardisation ISO 22241-1.
Additionally, testing and handling of Fleetguard AdBlue® is set out as per ISO 22241-2/3. By manufacturing, testing and handling Fleetguard AdBlue® to ISO standards Cummins are safeguarding your investment in their equipment.

Fleetguard AdBlue® is produced through one of two approved processes which meets ISO standards, using high purity synthetic urea in the production process, not re-used agricultural urea products.

■ While Fleetguard AdBlue® may have a slightly pungent odour, similar to that of ammonia, it is non-toxic,
■ Fleetguard AdBlue® shelf life is a function of ambient storage temperature. AdBlue® will degrade over time depending on temperature and exposure to sunlight. If stored between -10 and +32 Degrees Celsius the shelf life will be one year.
■ Fleetguard AdBlue® consumption is expected to be approximately 2% – 6% of fuel consumption, dependent on vehicle application, duty cycle, geography, ratings and the combination of technologies used to achieve emission targets.

Cummins Filtration is a wholly owned subsidiary of Cummins Engine Company and is recognised around the globe as a filtration specialist providing some of the most advanced filter technologies in the industry. Under the Fleetguard® brand name, Cummins Filtration is a global supplier to original equipment manufacturers, aftermarket dealers and distributors as well as millions of end users. It offers one of the broadest product coverages in the industry and as a first supply to every Cummins engine ever built, it is wholly responsible to Cummins for its ongoing quality, dependability, performance, and innovation.

Torquepower has a very long association with the Fleetguard brand and is pleased to recommend it to you for not only Cummins applications but a great many others. Our Online Shopping portals now offer vast but simple Cross-references from your own filter part number to a quality Fleetguard equivalent. It will also show you our stock status in real time and offer you the ability to buy what you need Online.

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