With 60 years of industry experience, commitment to service, reliability, innovation and the environment, Horton is a premium provider of engine cooling solutions worldwide. The company manufactures and markets fan drives, fans and related components in OEM applications and aftermarket segments globally to the trucking, bus, RV and industrial markets.

Horton’s comprehensive research and development processes are driven by a commitment to exceed the cooling demands of reduced-emission engines today and in the future.

According to Horton, it employs one of the industry’s largest teams of engineers, designers and technicians in new product development and prototype testing. Horton’s research and development team observes and records performance data from a control centre featuring around-the-clock video monitoring of products in state-of-the-art test cells.

A dynamometer with ram air provisions accurately simulates a full range of real-life operating conditions. Fan life analysis is conducted in endurance test cells and a burst pit. Maximum airflow along with peak efficiency of fan or shroud designs is determined in the 60,000 cubic feet per minute (cfm) airflow capacity wind tunnel.

Torquepower is pleased to be able a to offer a limited range of Horton quality products.