A Cummins long block refers to a partially assembled engine configuration that includes the basic components necessary for the engine to function, but typically excludes certain external parts and accessories. Here are the key features and components typically included in a Cummins long block:

  1. Basic Engine Block and Internals: This includes the engine block itself, which houses the cylinders, pistons, crankshaft, and other internal components essential for the engine’s operation.
  2. Cylinder Heads: These are included in a long block configuration and are crucial for housing the valves, springs, and camshaft(s) necessary for the engine’s combustion process.
  3. Valve Train: The long block includes components related to the engine’s valve train, such as lifters, push rods, rocker arms, and sometimes the camshaft(s).
  4. Timing Components: Components like the timing chain or belt, tensioners, and guides are typically part of the long block assembly.
  5. Oil Pump: Essential for lubricating the engine components, the oil pump is usually included.
  6. Gaskets and Seals: While not technically part of the engine block, gaskets and seals necessary for sealing the engine components are often included or recommended with a long block.

Components that are typically not included in a long block assembly (and may need to be sourced separately) include:

  • External Components: These include the intake manifold, exhaust manifold, fuel system components, turbocharger (if applicable), and other accessories specific to the vehicle’s configuration.
  • Ancillary Components: Items like the starter motor, alternator, air conditioning compressor, and power steering pump are generally not included.

Cummins long blocks are a popular choice for engine rebuilds or replacements because they provide a middle ground between a full engine assembly (which includes all external components and accessories) and a short block (which includes just the engine block and rotating assembly without cylinder heads or other critical components). They offer the advantage of reusing existing external components and accessories if they are still in good condition, thereby reducing costs compared to a complete engine replacement.

Torquepower long blocks provide; 

  • a cost-effective option for rebuilding your old engine
  • Reduced downtime by as much as 60% on a standard in-chassis rebuild
  • peace of mind with a comprehensive 12-month/160,000km parts and labour warranty.
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Testimonial ;

Alton Iron’s Diesel Service has been operating for 10 years and for the whole of that period has partnered with Torquepower in providing genuine Cummins parts for their workshop customers.

Irons Diesel purchased and installed a Torquepower Manufactured ISC 260HP Long Block to fit a 2003 Sterling. Torquepower long blocks provide a cost-effective option for rebuilding your old engine reducing downtime by as much as 60% on a standard i-chassis rebuild. Torquepower long blocks also give you peace of mind with a comprehensive 12-month/160,000km parts and labour warranty.

Irons Diesel removed the old engine from the vehicle and utilising all the gaskets and seals that come with all the Torquepower Long Blocks, changed over all the external components from the old engine to the Torquepower Long Block.

Alton Irons said “We then fitted the engine, and it went out. Easy, no problems, and we are very happy with everything!” We have supported the owners and operators of Cummins-powered equipment right across Australia and the South Pacific since 1978. Make Torquepower your FIRST choice for genuine Cummins engines. 0732778277

“A simple and cost-effective way to get fast turn-around for your worn-out B or C series engine – TORQUEPOWER can professionally install, or you can take it away and do it yourself. Through complete overhaul, and strict compliance with manufacturers specifications, we bring the worn engine back to “as-new” condition, enabling it to be used for another full-service life”.  –  Ken Roberts, Director.

To discuss your particular application and engine requirements talk to a Torquepower team member on 0732778277 or shop 24/7 at https://shopping.torquepower.com/about Proudly Australian-owned.

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