4 years | 8,000 hours on “Betty” still powering.

Four years on and 8,000 hours later, and Hung Nguyen’s “Betty” is still powering with an NT855 turbocharged model from Cummins, set up by Torquepower. Last week, Torquepower gave the engine a tune-up (injector and valve adjustment) and a general health check, and we checked in with our favourite Darra fisherman to see what was happening…

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Having the right tools is half the battle

“It’s almost impossible to do tasks correctly with confidence without the right tooling. Without the right gear, productivity goes out the window because you are scratching and trying to improvise.”

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Big Rigs – Torquepower – Aug 2014

Ipswich Trucking giant’s depot is historical gold.


“I really hate our throwaway society “says Trevor Haley, Workshop manager for Beaumont Transport. After many years with the Ipswich transport icon, he still loves coming to work, and is happy to see the old four story concrete and glass power station Beaumont’s use for their Tivoli depot has had a second life.

Established in Ipswich in 1970, Beaumont Transport Pty Ltd has grown from a small two-truck operation to a major industry force employing more than 220 people. Beaumont’s have served the coal industry for more than 3 decades with an extensive fleet of prime movers and trailers, including “b” doubles, road trains and body and dogs, end loaders, bulldozers and excavators.

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Big Rigs – Torquepower Tips – Sep 2014

Every day, your diesel engine needs a swimming pool of coolant.


You’re an owner, driver, or fleet manager – and you know that regular service is necessary for your engine. But the focus is often on lubrication and filtration. The cooling system doesn’t always get a lot of attention, but this could be a costly oversight. 40% of all engine problems in heavy-duty diesel engines are related in some way to poor cooling system maintenance or performance.

The cylinder temperature of a heavy-duty diesel engine can reach 700 °C or more, so effective dissipation of that heat is critical if the engine is to be protected so it can operate normally.

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