Big Rigs – Torquepower  Tips  <span>– Sep 2014 </span>

Big Rigs – Torquepower Tips – Sep 2014

Every day, your diesel engine needs a swimming pool of coolant.


So….you are an owner, driver, or fleet manager – and you know that regular service is necessary for your engine. But the focus is often on lubrication and filtration. The cooling system doesn’t always get a lot of attention, but this could be a costly oversight. Up to 40% of all engine problems in heavy-duty diesel engines are related in some way to poor cooling system maintenance or performance.

The cylinder temperature of a heavy-duty diesel engine can reach 700 °C or more, so effective dissipation of that heat is critical if the engine is to be protected so it can operate normally. In a typical day’s operation more than 700,000 litres of coolant can circulate through your heavy duty diesel engine’s “water” pump. That’s more than the capacity of your average backyard swimming pool. And just like the family pool, it’s time to start preparing your engine for summer.


Fully qualified technicians like Neil Bird, Torquepower’s newest field service team member can give your cooling system the once over to help prevent unexpected downtime this summer. After 30 years of working on Cummins diesel engines, Neil is well qualified to help you get longevity out of your engine.


Neil and our other great service team technicians are backed by experienced parts staff who can quickly and easily supply everything you need to ensure your cooling system is operating as the manufacturer intended – and we can ship your parts quickly anywhere across Australia or overseas.


Specialised EG (Ethylene) and PG (Propylene) coolant packages from Cummins, Fleetguard and Donaldson provide anti-freeze / anti-boil protection while delivering a protective layer for all metallic parts within your cooling system via a supplemental coolant package (SCA). The latter prevents metal oxidation and corrosion.

Along with quality replacement Belts, Water Pumps, Hoses, Thermostats, Cooling system cleaner and Coolant testing kits, Torquepower has the widest range of available cooling system components for your old or new engine. Torquepower has independently specialised in the service and support of all Cummins engines applications since 1978. Talk to them about their massive parts stock of both genuine & quality alternatives, their wide range of service and repair options and timely delivery anywhere. You can call on 07 3277 8277, fax 07 3274 1350 till 6pm or enquire or order at   24 hours a day.