RACOR – Engine Fuel Filtration

Fuel contamination, in the form of dirt and water, often finds its way into the world’s fuel distribution and transfer systems.

With some modern engines injecting fuel at pressures over 30,000 psi, and injector tolerances measured in microns, even a small amount of contamination can cause problems for your engine.

Water and particulates cause microscopic injector surface damage that is then focused on by the high-pressure injector fuel flow. This causes wear that leads to reduced efficiency and the possibility of complete engine breakdown.

With this in mind, long term engine operation relies on managing fuel delivery and fuel system cleanliness through proper filtration. For over 45 years, Parker Racor has been the brand of fuel filtration systems that have earned the respect of engine and equipment builders, owners, and operators around the world.

And at the heart of these systems, genuine Racor Aquabloc® filter elements set the global fuel filtration performance standard.

Racor’s Aquabloc® filter media are known for their combination of high efficiency, long life and unsurpassed water removal performance, meeting and exceeding the challenges of today’s diesel engine requirements in all markets and environments.

Torquepower sees strong demand for Racor filters and systems, especially from the Marine market where clean fuel can be the difference between getting home – or not.

So always choose the original replacement filters when you use a Racor fuel filtration system. You will find them along with occasional options, on the website.