Remanufactured Exchange (RX) Assemblies

Torquepower has a full range of remanufactured (RX )assemblies and sub-assemblies.

Our quality “as new” Remanufactured Parts include:

Water pumps
Fuel pumps
Oil pumps
Cylinder heads
Turbo Charger
Air Compressors
Compressor heads
Connecting rods
Accessory drives

Torquepower Remanufactured Exchange (RX) Assemblies – Our Commitment to you;

1.Strict compliance with manufacturer’s
specifications, service advisory bulletins,
tolerances and assembly procedures to ensure
optimum results.

2. “As-new” condition, able to be used for another
full service life.

3. Commitment to cleaning and inspection process
and all quality criteria you expect

4. Replacement of all consumable items such as
gaskets, seals, sealants and o-rings