Remanufactured Exchange (RX) Assemblies

Torquepower has a full range of remanufactured (RX )assemblies and sub-assemblies.

Our quality “as new” Remanufactured Parts include:

Water pumps
Fuel pumps
Oil pumps
Cam followers
Cylinder heads
Turbo Charger
Air Compressors
Compressor heads
Connecting rods
Accessory drives

Torquepower Remanufactured Exchange (RX) Assemblies – Our Commitment to you;

1. Strict compliance with manufacturer’s
specifications, service advisory bulletins,
tolerances and assembly procedures to ensure
optimum results.

2. “As-new” condition, able to be used for another
full-service life.

3. Commitment to the cleaning and inspection process
and all quality criteria you expect

4. Replacement of all consumable
gaskets, seals, sealants and o-rings