Technical Support

Technical Support

40 years of Cummins parts knowledge and diesel expertise 

In our 40th year, the Torquepower business is stronger than ever and we expect the coming year to set further records. With our extensive and exclusive Cummins product knowledge and our longstanding commitment to the product, our 15 strong staff members supply parts and technical support to customers right across Australasia. We have trained more than 150 Apprentices and industry leaders. Many have gone on to make this industry better for their contribution.

Amended Service Capability –  July 2018

With effect from July 1st, 2018, Torquepower has taken extraordinary steps to improve our service to customers – by withdrawing our longstanding practice of servicing mobile and in-field equipment.

Last year was our most successful year in our 40 year business history, however, like many other heavy truck servicing facilities, we struggled to maintain a level of service capacity that enabled us to provide the support to our customers that they have enjoyed over the past four decades.

The final straw for us, was that one of our specialist team members was injured on the job six months ago and whilst we continue to support him in his efforts to return to us, another person of his quality has been impossible to find – and we refuse to employ technicians who are not up to the standard expected of our customers. As a result, our capacity was stretched to the point that we disappointed and let down customers who had come to rely on our expertise, our flexibility and service capability for so long.

So, the difficult decision was taken to stop offering those services.

But we have not abandoned our customers! In fact, the opposite is the case. We have identified several local Cummins service providers, each of which offers whole of truck servicing as well, and we are working with those workshops to help them in any way we can to meet the needs of those who were our workshop customers. In some cases, we will make available Cummins Special Tooling and technical consultation to further support their efforts. If you would like us to put you in contact with that select group of workshops, please contact Justin, Andrew or myself and we will be pleased to assist you.

We did consider selling the service portion of our business along with its customer records – but we decided that was not in YOUR best interest. Your service history and trading records will not be shared with anyone without your written approval and all those records remain available to you on request. We will protect the information as if we were still offering the workshop services directly today.

Thank you for your understanding. This has not been an easy decision, but we believe it is the right decision. We stand by the adage that “A job worth doing is worth doing well” and without the right resources, we are no longer able to do that job well.

Cummins Tool Hire and Torquepower Engineering.

Aside from referring you to alternative service providers, we have set up a new Tool Hire service so that you can hire Cummins special tools if you or your own mechanic needs them, and we will of course support you with the biggest range of competitively priced Cummins parts in Australia.

Our engineering division is responsible for Cummins engine-out overhauls, engine and component assembly remanufacturing, expert evaluation and failure analysis.

Rebuilding Great Engines Is what sets us apart

A reconditioned engine, also known as a remanufactured or recon engine, is an engine that has gone through substantial repair to bring the worn unit back to “as-new” condition and enabling it to be used for another full service life. After dismantling the old assembly and using industry best-practice cleaning, inspection and machining procedures, Torquepower lays the foundation for the high integrity finished product that will find its way into your Cummins powered application. Compliance with original manufacturer’s specifications, consultation with professional service media and a personal belief and commitment from genuinely focused technicians ensures that the final product always meets our self-imposed optimal standards.

Fuel Injection

Incorrect fuel system calibration or improper fuel injector or fuel pump operation can result in expensive engine failures. Torquepower has precision specialist equipment to professionally service your Cummins fuel system components to manufacturer’s specifications. The care and attention provided by our experienced fuel injection technicians ensure that you get the right level of repair and the correct factory specification, everytime.

Troubleshooting and Fault Diagnosis

Torquepower service staff use the latest Cummins diagnostic and troubleshooting software and equipment.  Torquepower’s Service Department has the largest range of Cummins special tooling outside of the manufacturer itself. From portable line boring equipment for sub-assemblies, to block pressure test equipment, fuel system analysis equipment, injector protrusion measuring, seal installing and removing assemblies (with and without wear sleeves), magna-fluxing and a host of factory equipment for alignment, clamping, pushing, pulling, measuring and testing.

In-Frame Rebuild

A common mid-life overhaul for your Cummins engine is often referred to as an “Inframe Rebuild” and is supported by the supply of an In-frame Rebuild Kit. It also forms part of a “mid-life” service. The basic In-frame Rebuild Kit comprises new pistons, piston rings ( mid-range engines excepted ) piston pins, cylinder liners and liner seals, piston ring groups, standard sized main bearings and connecting rod bearings, a top gasket set (or VRS set as it is sometimes called), and an oil pan gasket. Torquepower has the experience and specialist tooling to perform your in-frame rebuild or engine mid-life at competitive pricing.

Service Guarantees

At Torquepower we take our work very seriously and back it up with solid service guarantees. Every job is covered by parts warranties provided by the respective parts or engine manufacturers. Some will cover labour costs while others will not. Every job that is done by our service department carries a 90 day/ 300 hours ( whichever is sooner) workmanship warranty. That guarantees that any labour adjustment we make or any repair that we carry out was done correctly and is free from labour faults – or else we will rectify the error at our own cost.

Parts warranties vary from manufacturer to manufacturer and in most cases a faulty part found and replaced within the warranty coverage period will be replaced at no labour cost to you. Where a manufacturer will not cover the labour component in an instance where the faulty part was fitted by our service department, we will cover the labour costs to replace or repair it ourselves, but only when the remedial work that is carried out by our own service department. We will not pay for third-party labour necessary to conduct the warrant-able failure of  manufacturer’s part.

Full details of Torquepower’s service guarantees are included in its Standard Terms and Conditions for the Sale of Goods and Services.

Exchange Long Blocks to suit Cummins applications?

“Through complete overhaul, and strict compliance with manufacturer’s specifications, we bring the worn engine back to “as-new” condition, enabling it to be used for another full service life.”

Why is Torquepower your Rebuild specialist?

“We can rebuild and update your ISX from the ground up. A 100% commitment to cleaning, inspection and re-assembly using genuine Cummins parts equates to finished product integrity.”

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