Darra Prawn Fisherman has turbo charged N855 set up for more power and longer life by Torquepower

Darra Prawn Fisherman has turbo charged N855 set up for more power and longer life by Torquepower

Hung Nguyen is one of the good guys. A prawn fisherman who lives in Darra, but spends most of his time out on the water in Moreton Bay and even further, deep sea fishing. His trawler is 45 foot “Betty”, moored at Hemmant, and now powered with a new NT855 turbo charged model from Cummins, and set up by Torquepower. “I had the new engine set up for more power and a longer life. I like Cummins engines, they have plenty of low end torque, and work as hard as I do!

“I usually motor 10 to 15 nautical miles out to where the prawns are. Prawns prefer warm, and not windy weather, so they are more plentiful in summer. Sometimes you can see banana prawns on the sonar because they swim. You can’t see tiger and kings as they stay on the ocean floor, you just have to know where they are.”

“I’ve been 25 years a fisherman. It’s a very hard business being away from family; sometimes I’m out 6 or 7 days or more. I often work 24 hours a day without stopping in any weather. Even if its storming, I still go out, and it can get rough. Usually I work alone, without deckhands. I have to manage them working the winch and cooking the prawns just right, so it’s often better to do it myself.”

“I’ve got a big family , five boys and three girls. No one’s following me into the family business.” Hung laughs “They tried prawning, and they ran away. They prefer to get weekends off, and I’m happy they are all well-employed, so I don’t have to worry about them. I start on Sunday and finish on Sunday! My wife Vui is very patient, she looks after everything at home, the children and 6 grandchildren. “

“In wintertime when there is a lower catch, I look after the maintenance, and I am very happy with the work done here at Torquepower . I am 60 now. I don’t want to retire. If I stay home for a few weeks, I notice how sick and tired I feel. I would rather burn out than rust out. “

Torquepower Director, Ken Roberts, continues; “The original engine had overheated and on our advice, Hung’s best option was to replace rather than repair. His engine model was an N855-210, which is a naturally aspirated 14 litre big cam Cummins. That engine is no longer in production so we had to supply a turbocharged Cummins NT855 as a replacement. Cummins sourced the engine from their joint venture with Dong Feng in China. It comes with a range of spares and specialised tooling – exactly what an offshore fisherman needs.”

“The new engine was externally a little different from the original so Service manager Carl Bickle at Torquepower set about modifying some of the hardware to make it compatible with the vessel’s existing plumbing. One change that was retained was heat exchanger cooling rather than the keel cooling used on the old engine – contamination of which was responsible for the engine failure.”

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