8 Great Reasons to hire your CUMMINS SERVICE TOOL from Torquepower –

1. Cost-effective option instead of purchasing a tool for a one-off repair.

2. Free up business capital by hiring a tool rather than purchasing it, your return on investment is immediate.

3. Always have the right tool for the job.

4. You can have the tool delivered with the part to your door if you are within 30kms of our Archerfield warehouse, or we can arrange freight at competitive rates Australia wide.

5. Whilst we would like you to purchase the part from us it is not a prerequisite when it comes to using our tool hire service. Be sure to ask us for a quote on the parts you require though, we’re confident you’ll be surprised.

6. When hiring a service tool we’ll charge you upfront your purchase price of the tool including any discounts and then on return of the tool we’ll refund you all but 15% of the original purchase price as the hire fee.

7. The hire period is 7 days if you are in South East Queensland or 14 days elsewhere in Australia. The hire fee is capped at 15% of Tool cost- that often saves you hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars compared to buying.

8. Using the correct special tool not only reduces the time taken to complete the repair but also ensures that the repair quality when the job is completed is as the manufacture intended.

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